The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies grants state subsidies for:

  • the publishing and international activities of scientific societies
  • organizing international conferences and national seminars
  • organizing international conferences and meetings in the field of sports.

You can find more detailed descriptions, application periods and application instructions for each type of subsidy by clicking the icons at the bottom of the page. Applications are submitted electronically and require the applicant to register. The database will open once the application period begins and close at 23.59 on the final date of the application period. Technical support and help with applications is available on weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00.

Processing of applications for subsidies

Once the application period closes, the proposers will process the applications, preparing a preliminary proposal for the Federation’s subsidies committee. The committee will make a proposal for a decision to the Board of the Federation, which will decide on the subsidies to be granted. The decisions cannot be appealed against. The Executive Director of the Federation can be contacted if any errors are detected in the preparation and decision-making process.

Subsidy agreements

In the new application system, the subsidy agreements are signed electronically.

Use of granted subsidies

The use of the appropriations is governed by the regulations concerning government subsidies. A subsidy must be used for the purpose for which it was granted. Additionally, the above-mentioned regulations, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the audit require that the Federation supervises the use of the subsidies and obtains sufficient and appropriate information from the recipients of the subsidies. If it emerges from accounting statements or otherwise that a subsidy has not been used, partially or at all, in accordance with the granting decision during the period for which it was granted, the remaining amount of the subsidy must be returned.

Change of purpose or period of use of a granted subsidy

The purpose or period of use of a conference subsidy can be changed for a special reason. The change must be applied for before the expiry of the subsidy’s period of use, preferably as soon as the recipient of the subsidy becomes aware of the changed circumstances affecting the use of the subsidy. The change application cannot be accepted after the expiry of the period of use or the submission of the accounting statement. An extension to the period of use of a publishing subsidy can be applied for from the Executive Director by 31 October if the completion of the subsidized publications is delayed for a weighty reason.

Updated 9.2.2023 14.38