The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies

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Welcome to an international science communications seminar in Finland on 9th of January 2025. We are currently looking proposals for best practices and findings to the programme.

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The board of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) decided, that TSV will sign the Barcelona declaration of open research information. Signing the Barcelona Declaration strengthens TSV's activities promoting open research information.

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In the new strategy, TSV plays a key role in promoting the vitality of the research community for the benefit of society. Responsible evaluation and access to research-based information are key priorities.

The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, established in 1899, is a national co-operative body for learned societies in Finland. It contributes to the co-operation between learned societies, supports and develops scholarly communication and publishing, and promotes awareness and usage of research results. It also supports and develops the role of its members in science policy discussion. Federation’s strategy for 2019−2023 can be found PDF icon here.

The Federation has a membership of 294 societies and four academies from all branches of arts and sciences, in total 260,000 individual members. Every year these learned societies arrange hundreds of meetings and conferences, attended by the academic community and the general public. The societies and academies are among the foremost academic publishers in Finland: they issue more than 100 periodicals and some 250 new book titles each year. Publications issued by the member societies are sold in the Bookstore Tiedekirja, the shop and webstore maintained by the Federation. The Exchange Centre for Scientific Literature is in charge of the exchange of publications of learned societies and other scientific publishing bodies.

The Federation receives state subsidy for its activities from the Ministry of Education and Sciences. The Federation distributes state subsidies allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science for scholarly publishing and for organising international conferences and national seminars.

The Federation also publishes a journal Tieteessä tapahtuu (Science now) which appears five times a year. It contains information on the events and publications of the learned societies and on the current issues within the academic community.

Tieteen päivät (The Science Forum) is a biannual science festival, co-organised with the Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters, The Finnish Society of Science and Letters, The Finnish Academy of Technology and The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland.

The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies hosts three expert bodies: The Committee for Public Information, Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity and Publication Forum.


PDF icon The Federation´s strategy 2024-2030 can be found as a PDF document here.

Annual reports

PDF icon The Federation’s annual report from 2023 can be found as a PDF document here.

PDF icon The Federation's annual report from 2022 can be found as a PDF document here.