About the Exchange Centre

The Centre is commissioned by the Ministry of Education to act as a national exchange centre, as defined in the Convention on International Exchange of Publications. The Centre is in charge of the exchange of publications of Finnish learned societies and other scientific publishing bodies. The Exchange Centre is on national level in cooperation with scientific libraries and learned societies that publish scientific serials and journals. Foreign partners are scientific research institutions, academies, societies, journals, scientific libraries and university institutes.

The exchanges are corporate exchanges of different publications and publishers, in order to be able to offer a broader scale of publications than a single publisher could offer. This way it is possible to receive publications also from other branches of arts and sciences than there is publication activity in Finland. By means of exchange, it is also possible to receive publications that are not sold.

127 serial publications are now available on exchange through the Exchange Centre. These publications form a substantial part of the scholarly and scientific publishing in Finland. The Centre assists 56 Finnish research organizations in securing and maintaining worldwide contacts.

The predominant language of the publications is English. Papers in Finnish or Swedish are, as a rule, provided with abstracts or summaries in English or German.

Back issues are available; complete sets can be supplied of some titles. Sample copies will be sent on request. The Exchange Centre also answers inquiries concerning discontinued publications still available on exchange.

Address: Kirkkokatu 6, FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland
Tel.int. +358-9-228 691
Email: exchange.centre@tsv.fi

Updated 9.1.2023 8.42