Application for the label

A publisher engaged in regular scholarly publishing activities in Finland can apply for the right to use the peer-review label by filling in the application form below.

Before filling in the application, the applicant should ensure that the webpage of the publication series or publisher contains a sufficiently detailed description of the peer-review practices applied (number of reviewers etc.)

The use of the label is free of charge and no membership criteria are applied. The publisher need not specialise on academic research only but a general publishing company can also apply for the label for its scholarly production.

The user right can be applied either for a publication series or the publisher:

  • Primarily for each individual publication series with regular publication of peer-reviewed articles or books
  • Book publisher with peer-reviewed monographs and compilations coming out individually, not as part of a series

Publishers printing peer-reviewed writings both in series and in individual publications can apply for the right to use the label for both the series and the separate works by filling in the two specific application forms.

The objective is to process the applications within 1 to 2 months.

All sections are mandatory.

Contact person’s information:

Series’ information:
(Separate applications must be filled in for all series in which the mark is intended to be used.)

Contact person’s information:

Book publisher’s information:

Publisher commits to follow:

Publisher undertakes to promote, in its own publishing activities, the principles of:

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