Label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications

The label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications (peer-review label for short) is intended for academic publishers who wish to bring out the peer-reviewed books and articles they have published.

The objective is to uniform the peer-review practices used in Finnish scholarly publishing with the best and ethically sound international standards, thereby promoting transparency in academic quality assurance. Moreover, the label will make it easier for students, researchers, libraries, administrative actors or other users of research literature to recognise peer-reviewed publications.

A publisher engaged in regular scholarly publishing activities in Finland can apply for the right to use the peer-review label. The publisher need not specialise on academic research only but a general publishing company can also apply for the label for its scholarly production.

The granting of user rights provides that research papers are subjected to peer-review conducted by at least two independent referees. In addition, publishers commit themselves to the other requirements of use. Both application and the use of the mark are free of charge.

The peer-review label was introduced in 2014. A steering group comprised of representatives from the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and Ministry of Education and Culture as well as professionals of the publishing sector is responsible for the development of the label.


For further information, please contact TSV by email at tunnus(at)

Updated 25.6.2020 11.04